Reporting Systems (templates)

The Centre has developed several tools facilitating national reporting about pharmaceutical, mainly pricing and reimbursement, systems.

They range from extensive reporting tools (Profile Templates) to poster/flowchart templates providing information at a glance. Reporting templates include the PPRI Pharma Profile Template for surveying the out-patient pharmaceutical sectors, the PHIS Hospital Pharma Report Template and the PHIS Pharma Profile Template offering an integrated approach.

For further templates (query templates) please consult the relevant section under Publications and/or contact us at

Indicators, glossaries and reporting systems are closely interlinked, and the Centre’s templates for country reports usually contain references to the glossary and the indicators.

Even if these reporting systems were developed for European countries, they may serve as a model for countries and regions world-wide. We are very pleased that the WHO/Global Fund pharmaceutical Country profiles (e.g. WHO Pharmaceutical Country Profile Austria 2010 are modeled after the country profiles of our Centre which “can be seen as an acknowledgement of the quality of the PHIS work” (PHIS Evaluation Report 2011).