Market entry, reimbursement and pricing provisions of new on-patent medicines in Germany


The German “Arzneiverordnungs-Report“ (Pharmaceutical Prescription Report) has been publishing independent and in-depth information about the medical prescription in German since 1985. In addition, this flagship report has been providing valuable insights in the German pharmaceutical system through detailed background chapters. The 2018 Pharmaceutical Prescription Report offers an overview of market entry, reimbursement and pricing provisions of new on-patent medicines in Germany compared to other Member States of the European Union.

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Two new Policy Briefs on access to medicines published (Sept. 2018)


Two policy briefs addressing market and policy failures in the pharmaceutical sector that were prepared for the Austrian EU Presidency in the second half of 2018, look into 1) how pricing, reimbursement and procurement policies can be redesigned and 2) how innovation to meet patients’ needs could be stimulated.

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Price comparison of high-cost medicines published (Aug. 2018)


The Austrian Public Health Institute regularly collects the prices of medicines in the EU countries. The current survey was published recently, comparing the official list prices of 100 high-cost medicines in Austria. In the out-patient sector the Austrian ex-factory prices were slightly above the average of the other EU countries. This shows that the statutory pricing regulations for determining maximum prices are successful to a large extent. On the other hand, the Austrian prices for medicines in the hospital sector, which are not subject to price regulation, are among the highest compared to the rest of the EU countries.

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WHOCC Summer School 23/7-27/7/2018

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