PPRI Network Meeting, Athens, 13/14 November 2017
PPRI Network Meeting, Athens, 13/14 November 2017

In 2005, we established a network of competent authorities responsible for pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement and have been maintaining this growing network ever since. Originating from the European projects PPRI and PHIS, the network of the Centre is also known under the name of PPRI network and, also more seldom, PHIS network (please note that the project networks of PPRI and PHIS were, to a great extent, overlapping; the two networks have now been merged into the one network of the Centre).

With European Commission funding for the PPRI and PHIS projects having ended, the network has developed into a sustainable, voluntary and self-funded networking initiative led by the WHO Centre and borne by the active participation of its members.

The aim of this network is to allow and promote an exchange of information and experience about pharmaceutical policies among the network members based on shared values such as solidarity and equity, supported by scientific evidence and a common understanding and language on pharmaceutical issues.

Network members meet personally once or twice a year.

Network members have been sharing valuable information, such as writing extensive country reports about their pharmaceutical system, producing posters and providing data and information included in the database.