Topics for abstract submission

Abstracts can be submitted in one of the following strands:

Strand 1: Challenges and Opportunities for Pricing and Reimbursement Policies


What are the current challenges and opportunities in pharmaceutical policy-making? What the most important/most required innovations? What are the policy implications related to:

  • New medicines / innovation;
  • High-cost medicines;
  • Medicine shortages;
  • Orphan medicinal products;
  • Biosimilar medicines;
  • New pricing policies;
  • Horizon scanning.
Strand 2: Policies beyond to the Crisis: Lessons Learned


With which pharmaceutical policies, particularly in the area of pharmaceutical pricing and/or reimbursement, have countries aimed to respond to the financial crisis? Which policy options have been implemented and/or discussed in ‘non-crisis’ countries? What have been the impacts of such policies, in particular on access to and affordability of medicines? What have been the lessons learned for the future?

Strand 3: Policy Cooperation and Interface Issues


To successfully meet new challenges, policy-makers and stakeholders may have to bridge between different stakeholders, countries, segments, products and types of health care. What are the most pressing issues regarding coordination and interface management related to:

  • Out-patient / in-patient sectors;
  • Medicines / medical devices (treatment packages);
  • Pharmaceutical pricing / reimbursement;
  • International cooperation initiatives (e.g. joint procurement);
  • International databases (e.g. price / utilization databases);
  • International comparisons and benchmarking (e.g. cross-country price / utilization comparisons)?