by General Manager Mag. Georg Ziniel MSc

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by Dr. Arno Melitopulos

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WhoCC Launch Event
WHO CC launch event, September 2010, Vienna

In July 2010, the Health Economics Department at Gesundheit Österreich / Austrian Public Health Institute was designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) a WHO Collaborating Centre (WHO CC) for Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies.

In June 2014, the Department was re-designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre for another four years.

The designation builds on the expertise which the staff in the Program Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis (Health Economics Department, Austrian Public Health Institute) has gained during the last two decades on improving access to affordable medicines. This was mainly achieved through international or European projects and networks, in particular PPRI and PHIS.

With this designation, WHO acknowledges the research and networking done by the Austrian Public Health Institute in the field of pharmaceutical policies and endorses an expansion of this knowledge for further countries worldwide.

The WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies is the second WHO CC in Austria besides the Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion in Hospitals & Health Care.

For further information about the concept of WHO Collaborating Centres (e.g. role, functions, management) see http://www.who.int/collaboratingcentres/en/ .