by General Manager Mag. Georg Ziniel MSc

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by Dr. Arno Melitopulos

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PHIS: Pharmaceutical Health Information System

The Pharmaceutical Health Information System (PHIS) project was a European Commission co-funded project which ran from September 2008 to April 2011.

The PHIS project aimed at increasing knowledge and exchange of information on pharmaceutical policies, in particular on pricing and reimbursement, in the EU Member States, covering both the out-patient and the in-patient sectors. A special focus of the project was on Hospital Pharma, with a European survey of medicines management in hospitals in the EU Member States and an investigation and analysis of official and actual prices of medicines in hospitals in selected case study countries. Methodology, in particular with regard to glossary, indicators and reporting tools, was further developed (see also Methodology development) based on previous work started in PPRI.

All relevant PHIS information is collected at the PHIS project website http://phis.goeg.at. Since the PHIS project has officially come to an end, the PHIS website was archived and is no longer updated, but its tools and reports have been integrated into the website of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies which will be continuously updated.