by General Manager Mag. Georg Ziniel MSc

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by Dr. Arno Melitopulos

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Activities of the WHO CC

WHO Collaborating Centres are institutions such as research institutes, parts of universities or academies, which are designated by the WHO Director-General to carry out activities in support of the WHO's programmes. For further information see the WHO’s Factsheet about Collaborating Centres.

According to the terms of reference, our WHO Collaborating Centre (WHO CC) for Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Policies performs the following activities (see http://apps.who.int/whocc/Detail.aspx?cc_ref=AUT-14&cc_city=vienna&):

  • To provide scientific advice and technical assistance to WHO and its Member States / regions on performing and interpreting price surveys and comparisons; on understanding, collecting and analyzing pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement information and on the development of national reporting systems
  • To further develop and refine the methodological framework to measure, compare and analyze pharmaceutical policies particularly related to pricing, reimbursement and rational use of medicines
  • To assist in the organization of meetings of WHO Member States / regions in the field of pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement allowing for an exchange of information and experiences, to disseminate information on pharmaceutical policies (via websites, studies and network meetings), to offer trainings, seminars and further capacity-building activities at request of WHO and WHO Member States and to work on the development and promotion of a common understanding and language on pharmaceutical issues

One of our activities as WHO Collaborating Centre is to provide an information platform with evidence about pharmaceutical policies. This website serves to fulfill this task. As stated in the sections PPRI and PHIS, this WHO CC website, comprising PPRI and PHIS information, will be regularly updated, while the PPRI and PHIS project websites will still be accessible, but were archived in September 2011.

Since WHO has been encouraging its Collaborating Centres to develop collaborative networks with other centres and national institutions recognized by WHO, we are participating in a network of Collaborating Centres working on pharmaceutical policies (moremore arrow).